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Connect to Exchange Online through PowerShell

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Exchange Online PowerShell allows you to manage your Exchange Online settings from the command line. As a SharePoint administrator, I usually need the commands that allow me to manager Office 365 Unified Groups and settings.

How do I connect to Exchange Online without MFA?

The connection to Exchange Online can be performed by a Global Administrator, Exchange Online administrator, Service Desk administrator with a different set of permissions. If your administrative accounts are not secured with MFA (multi-factor authentication), you could start an Exchange Online session with the following code snippet.

How do I connect to Exchange Online with MFA?

As a good administrator, we know that our administrative accounts should be properly secured with MFA (no pun intended :)). Unfortunately, the PowerShell snippet above does not support multi-factor authentication. Luckily there is a dedicated Exchange Online PowerShell Module that supports multi-factor authentication. You can access the latest version of the module by following these steps:

  • go to
  • go to the Exchange Online admin portal and click on the Hybrid menu
  • click on configure to download the click-once application required to get the necessary PowerShell module
  • connect through the Connect-EXOPSSession command in that module

Can I run the Exchange Online PowerShell Module in a separate PowerShell session?

For most of you going to the admin portal every time you want to start a new Exchange Online Powershell session might be annoying. There is a way, to run the Exchange Online PowerShell Module once downloaded with the steps above with this code snippet.

This post is part of a post series.

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