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Feedback matters: Enable video policies for videos based on utilization

I submitted a request at the Stream uservoice.

Imagine we have a working stream environment with very active content creators. Over time, we will create a lot of content that will become obsolete over time. It might be interesting from a governance point of view to explore the implementation of video policies. These video policies are triggered on specific events based on video utilization (e.g. last watch time). The main use case is the deletion of unused videos. Here some ideas about what policies might be able to do:

  • if a video hasn’t been watched for more than 1 year, delete it automatically.
  • if a video hasn’t been watched for more than 1 year, trigger a flow that will handle this specific video with some custom behavior (e.g. archiving, asking the author what should happen with the video)

Why does this matter?

Feedback is taken seriously by Microsoft. User voice is the perfect way to communicate missing Microsoft 365 features no matter how big your company is. If this is a feature requested by many other users, Microsoft will start considering the implementation for that feature. Therefore, if you are missing some key features that are improtant to your business, do not hesitate to check user voice. Maybe somebody already made a similar request, so give them your vote. If the request has not been made yet, create a new request by yourself. Also ask the community to support you in your idea. This will help to push the request accordingly.

What has happened so far?

  • 19th August 2019: submission

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