Patrick Lamber
Patrick Lamber Microsoft Office Development MVP

How to rename or remove spaces from OneDrive folder name?

The OneDrive for Business folder naming convention is OneDrive - {CompanyName}. Most applications can cope with this naming when storing data on a local drive.

Unfortunately, there are applications not able to handle spaces or special characters in a local path. I had several occasions where I had to provide a solution to such types of applications.

Jon Gallant provided an elegant solution to tackle the OneDrive folder renaming problem here. I took his idea and created a script that you can run on a user’s machine.

With this script you are going to create a subfolder on the user’s OneDrive and a symbolic link pointing to this folder on the user profile directory. In this way you can create folders for each application requiring this exception without providing a direct access to the whole OneDrive for Business folder.

You can save the code above as a .bat file. Then you just have to run it using this syntax yourbatfilename.bat yourDesiredFolder.

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